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I have an Xbox and a PS3

2011-12-23 19:52:14 by Zippy-MyMusic

Leave your Xbox gamertag or PSN name in the comments if you want to play online. I'll send you my names in a PM if I want to play online with you.

I also have a 3DS


The only game I have at the moment that is multiplayer for PS3 is Modern Warfare 2.

I now have Mortal Kombat for PS3

Edit 3:

Since enough of you have shown interest, I'll publicly display my gamertag and psn name.

Both are GoldenGuitarGod. Let's do this.

EDIT 4: If you send me a friend request, please tell me in a message exactly who you are. Also, I don't have my 3DS at the moment, so it will be a while before I can play with any of you on that.

Edit 5: I no longer have a 3DS. I sold it today to buy a PSVita.


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2011-12-24 21:04:26

Here's a thread you can put your 3DS stuff in, if you want. 238773/8
I'm in the thread.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

See, I don't want to publicly display my friend code because I don't want invites from every newgrounds user. But I'll add a few of you.


2011-12-25 21:22:08

My PSN name is TheGoatGod

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

I don't have many games for PS3 at the moment (I just got it a few days ago), but once I get some games tomorrow, I'll join a game or two with you.

Any recommendations?


2011-12-26 03:48:46

Sup? my PSN is Blue231 and my Friend Code is 1762 - 2998 - 5272, add me please.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

what 3ds games do you have?


2011-12-26 03:51:24

Oh yeah, and I DEFINITELY recommend Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Get the game of the year edition because it has Co-Op) and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

I'm playing Drakes fortune at the moment. But I'll get to the others eventually. Thanks for the recommendation.


2011-12-26 17:54:04

Get MW3 :)

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

I have it for Xbox, but I don't want to buy it again.


2011-12-27 16:09:15

Please get MW3 for PS3 :/ The other games I have are FIFA 12 and Goldeneye: Reloaded

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

I might buy Goldeneye because I loved it on the N64


2012-01-01 02:13:16

cool i would like to play with you

my psn name is peek-1420 pm your name and when you got some game please

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

What games do you have, just so I know what to buy?


2012-01-08 20:22:41

Gamertag - Thegluestickman

Friend Code: 3823 - 9104 - 9550

But I don't have any games for my 3DS yet. Planning on getting Mario Kart 7 soon.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

get star fox instead, that is the only game i have.


2012-01-15 15:50:25

Canucks suuuuck.


2012-01-24 23:50:21

My PSN is Chdonga. And if I ever get Xbox Live thingy, it will be Chdonga.

But unless you play LittleBigPlanet 2, I will be just another wasted friend slot.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

Get Mortal Kombat if you can. I might get littlebigplanet2 at some point, but money is tight for me for the next few weeks.


2012-02-20 23:11:08

big-ant59 if you want to play the ME3 multiplayer demo together.

Zippy-MyMusic responds:

i actually have never played any of the mass effect games. ill get right on it.


2012-02-24 21:26:14

You want to add my 3DS friend code? I see you don't want it public, so you can PM me if you feel like it. Mine's 2449 4635 1039.


2012-03-08 23:59:00

You really should have given Tales of the abyss a try before you sold your 3DS (unless you played it on the PS2) its a really great game that you probably will wind up missing out on now.

(Updated ) Zippy-MyMusic responds: